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<tc>Matcha Subscription (4 cans every 2 months)</tc>

<tc>Matcha Subscription (4 cans every 2 months)</tc>

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This subscription is recommended for those who enjoy matcha on a regular basis and will receive 4 cans every 2 months.
Please choose 2 flavors from the 3 flavors "Otozure", "Utsuroi", and "Omokage", 2 cans each, for a total of 4 cans.
A 30g can provides 15 cups of matcha.
You can choose from 6 months or 1 year.
Flavor 1 (You will receive 2 cans)
Flavor 2 (You will receive 2 cans)
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  • Otozure

    おとづれ(Otozure) means to feel the divine atmosphere that has suddenly descended with light and wind to a place of purity.

  • Usturoi

    The meaning of うつろい(Utsuroi) is to be captivated by the sight of the human mind, the world, and all of nature changing incessantly and without notice.

  • Omokage

    おもかげ(Omokage) is a word that refers to the fascination with scenes that appear and float around when we think of people and landscapes that are no longer there.