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<tc>Starter Kit Basic (1 Matcha can + Tea whisk)</tc>

<tc>Starter Kit Basic (1 Matcha can + Tea whisk)</tc>

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This is a basic kit recommended for those making matcha for the first time.
The set includes 1 can of matcha (30g) and a tea whisk.
The 30g of matcha in the can allows you to enjoy approximately 15 cups of delicious matcha. It is produced in organic tea gardens in Japan and holds organic JAS certification.
We blend matcha from Uji, Kyoto, a region with a rich tradition in matcha production, with matcha from Kagoshima Prefecture, where the warmer climate results in higher catechin content compared to other regions.
This matcha offers a rich flavor profile with a balanced blend of sweetness and tea aroma.
The tea whisk is crafted from bamboo.
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  • Omokage

    おもかげ(Omokage) is a word that refers to the fascination with scenes that appear and float around when we think of people and landscapes that are no longer there.

Chasen (tea whisk)

It is a tool for steering matcha.
This tea whisk is made using traditional methods.