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<tc>Chawan (Tea bowl)</tc>

<tc>Chawan (Tea bowl)</tc>

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It can be used as tableware as well as a vessel for drinking matcha.

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  • Iroha-uta

    いろはうた(Iroha-uta) are poems composed about 1,000 years ago by an unknown author without duplicating the 47 kana characters of the Japanese language.

  • Paper cranes

    Since ancient times, paper cranes have been made by folding squares of paper to express wishes for peace and happiness.
    The outside of the teacup depicts the development of the folded paper crane, and the inside depicts the completed folded paper crane.
    In these times, we cannot help but pray for peace and happiness with origami cranes.

  • Ten words

    Ten words are used to express the wishes that are contained in matcha.